Hawaiian Flower Lei FAQ's


Is your perfume certified organic
We choose to use certified organic ingredients with every ingredient that can be certified for example; coconut oil, soy wax, Hawaiian beeswax. You can be assured that every ingredient we use in our perfumes is 100% organic and is proudly chemical and synthetic free.

Do you use alcohol in your perfumes
The Hawaiian Flower Lei is alcohol free, so it is very gentle on the skin. Instead we choose you use certified organic coconut oil, soy and Hawaiian beeswax to hold the delicate fragrance. Our perfumes are safe to send via the post and carry with you when air travelling.

Are your perfumes vegan friendly
The Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume Oil and Perfume Sample is 100% vegan friendly. The Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume Balm contains a small amount of Hawaiian beeswax.

Do your perfume contain musk or synthetic preservatives
Our promise to you ñ no we do not and we never will.

How long do the OneSelf organic perfumes last on the skin
Unlike most fragrances, we do not use any synthetic enhancers, preservatives. Due to the absolute purity of each perfume, the longevity will vary from person to person as the ingredients interact with your bodies natural temperature creating your own unique perfume which generally lasts around three to five hours. Please remember to always shake the perfume oil between each use before applying for best results of the Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume Oil.

OneSelf Organic Perfume Shelf life
Unlike most fragrances, the OneSelf Organic Perfumes do not contain any synthetic preservatives. As every ingredient we chose to use is proudly chemical and preservative free we do not boast life long shelf life. Instead we ask due to the delicate nature of 100% organic products, that you handle your perfumes with care to ensure the longevity. Please keep them out of direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

My perfume oil seems to have some sediment in it, is this normal
Each Hawaiian Flower Lei perfume is uniquely hand made in small numbers to ensure quality control and the purity of the delicate essential oils and plant extracts. Occasionally some of the perfume oil bottles may happen to have a small amount of plant residue in the bottom, this is completely normal and part of the unique process.